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Condom Size Chart

Since you are reading this, you’re no doubt looking for the right condom size for your personal use. Before consulting a manufacturer’s condom size chart, let’s review what a condom’s function is and why size, in this case, really does matter.
A condom is an object used as an artificial means of contraception.condoms It is made of stretchable material and is wrapped around a man’s genitals. As the organ lengthens during intercourse, the condom stretches along with it. A space at the top of the condom catches semen during ejaculation, so it doesn’t enter into the female.

Get the Right Size for You

Getting the right condom size is vital if you and your partner are to use condoms as an effective means of contraception. If the condom is too large, it will slip off or the semen may leak and spill out. If it is too small, it will cause discomfort and may tear apart during use. If the condom is too short for the length of the shaft, it can get pulled and up and removed while being used.
To get the right condom size for you, first determine your requirements. If you don’t know how to measure for this and detwermine size, here is how.

Tips on Measuring

First take an ordinary tape measure. You will use the millimeter units. It should go without saying that you will need to measure when fully erect. When it is at full length, take the ruler and measure from the base of the shaft (where it attaches to the body) to the tip of the head. This is the full length.
Next, take the tape measure and run it around the circumference. You must measure at the widest point. This is the girth. Research has found that the average length is 153mm or 6” while the average girth is 128mm or 5”. This can vary of course according to your age, ethnicity, height, etc.
Looking at condom size charts can be tricky. Like clothes manufacturers, condom brands each have their own ideas of “medium, “large,” “extra large” and so on. What may be large to one is medium to another. On average, a condom girth is about 98-106mm girth and 180mm long. If your size is well above or below this, you need to look harder and experiment more. Buy single condoms instead of packages. Try each one as you go and see what is most comfortable for you.
And a final reminder: Not every man can use a condom. Some may be allergic to the material used. So if you have a history of allergies or have sensitive skin, keep this in mind and discuss it with your partner and a doctor.

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